Michelle R McGuire
Brand Strategist


Creative Brief


Do You Want the Short Version?

The Problem: In the world of plastic bags, consumers are passing up Ziploc for store brand

The Process: Write a creative brief to make Ziploc THE brand to buy in the plastic bag aisle

The Solution: Show that without Ziploc, mishaps happen. When it matters the most, store brand will let consumers down.


Or the Long Version?


Since 1968, Ziploc has been the category leader of plastic bags thanks to their Ziploc engineers (Zipologists) and their product innovations. They’ve become household staples and are used for everything from storing food to traveling.


Consumers take Ziploc for granted. Ziploc’s main competitor isn’t Hefty or Glad, it’s store brand. Consumers aren’t brand loyal in the plastic bag category. They believe they’re a smarter shopper when they buy store brand because it gives them the most bang for their buck and that store brand will get the same job done.



Show that store brand fails when compared to Ziploc. Buying Ziploc is about more than plastic bags, it’s about Ziploc’s trusted Zipologists and reliability. Ziploc’s products hold up no matter what the consumer is using them for and leave consumers feeling secure about their decision.


🤔The Namebrand Skeptic


Namebrand Skeptics have storer’s remorse.
When it matters the most, store brand lets them down. Whether their shampoo explodes on their interview suit or their meal prep is freezer burnt, they inevitably regret their store brand decision.


Without Ziploc, mishaps happen.

Reasons to Believe

  1. Don’t get burned again. Store brand will rip, tear, and spill when you need it the most. Ziploc can convert the Namebrand Skeptics who have been burned one too many times.

  2. Score one for the Zipologists. Namebrand Skeptics think that all brands are the same, but store brand is like putting a bathroom lock on your front door. Ziploc is the deadbolt of the plastic bag category thanks to their Zipologists. Their innovations make all the difference to stop mishaps from happening.

  3. 50 decibel strong. The Zipologist made a zipper that zips closed at 50 decibels, a typical household sound level, so the user is audibly reassured the bag is secure.

Reflection Time


I really enjoyed this project because we reworked it several times and got it to a place we were proud of. After we pitched it at the Martin Agency, the creative directors loved it and discussed how it could easily be turned into a creative campaign!

My Role

  • Completed in-store research, 1-on-1 interviews, and secondary research

  • Collaborated with teammates to develop, write, and present creative brief

Fun Fact

Ziploc loyalists are LOYAL. Asking people if they prefer store brand or Ziploc often sparks a hot debate between friends.

Team Members

Micah Davenport (Strategist) and Madison McCracken (Strategist)