Michelle R McGuire
Brand Strategist

Side Hustle

Freelance life


When I’m not working on awesome school projects like these, I’m probably working with one of my clients. My clients include start-ups, non-profits, and international organizations including: 

Cogberry Creative

I worked with Cogberry Creative, a content strategy firm, on projects including:

The Good Lemon

I worked with The Good Lemon, a digital content and strategy firm, on projects including:

Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)

GMAC is an international business non-profit and owner of the GMAT exam. I work with them to reach their audience through their:


InnovatorsBox is a creative education firm on a mission to unlock creativity for all. I work closely with the CEO and Founder on their:

  • Competitive analysis: analyzed their biggest competitors to assess their messaging strengths/weaknesses and compiled strategic recommendations

  • Product Strategy: plan, develop, and promote new products including games (ReImagine and Infinity) and a book (Rethink Creativity)

  • Brand messaging: conducted stakeholder interviews and analyzed existing materials to strengthen the brand's core messaging

  • Content strategy: work on existing and new materials to ensure they are in line with brand messaging (including all social media, articles, reports, etc.)