Michelle R McGuire
Brand Strategist


Let’s get to know each other

Hi, I’m Michelle and I have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me. This led me to study psychology and international development. After college, I had no idea what I wanted to do other than have a positive impact on the world. Idealistic millennial, am I right? I lived and worked in Washington, DC, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic jumping from issue to issue including women’s rights, food security, and social entrepreneurship.

Then I had a revelation: ✨I wanted a whole lot more creativity in my life.✨Enter: brand strategy!

It turns out all the project plans, stakeholder analysis, and monitoring and evaluation surveys I was working on all along look a whole lot like strategy. So I became an international development professional turned creative freelancer turned brand strategy graduate student at VCU Brandcenter. My global work gives me the ability to tackle issues from different perspectives and greater sensitivity to social issues. And who doesn’t like a few good travel stories?

Want my professional stats? See my resume!


Fun Facts

❓I won “most inquisitive” in 5th grade and “most curious” in 6th grade. Turns out I ask a lot of questions.

🎧I’m addicted to podcasts. It’s a problem. Whether I’m walking, driving, getting ready, cooking, or doing just about anything else, I’m listening to one. Some of my favorites include: The Moth, This Podcast Will Kill You, Serial, Fictional, and My Favorite Murder.

☮️I presented original research on women involved in peacebuilding in Sri Lanka at Virginia Tech’s 2nd Annual CLAHS Conference on Human Rights. I’m pretty proud of this fact! I spent six weeks in Sri Lanka researching and interviewing communities about their involvement in peacebuilding.

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